The Locker Room Show

Live Print by The Mobile Press: Søren Behncke and Niels Peitersen

During Aarhus Festival, The Mobile Press consisting of the artists Niels Peitersen and Søren Behncke, drops by Charlotte Fogh Gallery. Throughout the last 8 years, the two artists have traveled to international destinations and printed lithographs on location – directly on-site with their mobile printing press. With the specially designed printing press, they print at everything from lithographs to potato print with inspiration and motifs from the local environment. The Mobile Press has been so diverse places as for example Vienna, Paris, Madrid, Helsinki, Venice, Reykjavik and Brussels. They have been printing on everything from airway bags to interlining tissues, and with Søren Behnncke’s distinctive line, the prints give an immediate and different perspective on the characteristics of the different countries.

Wednesday the 30th of August, the trip goes to Aarhus, where the audience can meet the two artists and see how a new lithograph is produced. During the process, the artists tell about their printing trips and you can buy a lithograph printed on the spot. In addition, selected prints from their other printing trips will be exhibited at Charlotte Fogh Gallery’s new showroom – The Locker Room, which is the original dressing room in the old Bolt factory, Mejlgade 44.

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