Julie Stavad og Holger Højbjerg

5/4 – 18/5 2019

Opening: Friday, 5/4 at 17-19


Locker Room:

“Escape Shift Return”

Andreas Albrectsen

5/4 – 18/5 2019

Opening: Friday, 5/4 at 17-19

Galleriet er lukket torsdag d.18 og fredag d.19 april

The gallery is closed Thursday the 18th and Friday the 19th of April







Louis Reith. Soil and paint on wood
LOUIS REITH With an interest in printed matter, book design and craftsmanship artist Louis Reith (born 1983, Hengelo, the Netherlands) creates drawings, collages, paintings and installations. The found material is always chosen by personal interest into form, theme and balance, which are then translated into new compositions. These compositions are made intuitively and refined consciously,…
Artist name Hanne Nielsen & Birgit Johnsen Hanne Nielsen (1958) and Birgit Johnsen (1959) were both trained at The Art Academy of Jutland and paired up a year after their graduation in 1993. They have participated in several film festivals, and their art works have been shown in several museums and galleries worldwide. Hanne Nielsen & Birgit…
Julie Stavad-The Mobile Sleeve-Charlotte Fogh-photo by David Stjernholm-6639
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