King Jelly’s Final Stage Dive

King Jelly’s Final Stage Dive

Lars Nørgård
05/02 2016 - 05/03 2016

Charlotte Fogh Gallery initiates this year’s exhibition programme with a solo exhibition by Lars Nørgård. Only the artists most recent works will be on display in a show focusing on the artist as a part of the contemporary art scene.

In his latest works the artistic ingenuity has been put in neutral and the artist has loosened the grip of the composition, which makes for a significant artistic development.

The endless stories which play out in Nørgårds works appear free and alive; dissolving in a variety of transparent vibrant colours and figurative sketching’s.

As a contemporary critic of society and elitist expressionist Lars Nørgård possess a highly topical aesthetics similar to that of street art and graffiti culture.

Along with exploration and examination, the expressive colour palette has been vital throughout Nørgårds workings – an essential element which is now slowly transforming, bringing space and light into his recent work.