Itch under the Skin

Itch under the Skin

10th Year Group show
16/04 2016 - 21/05 2016

Katja Bjørn, Søren Behncke, HuskMitNavn, Ragnar Persson (SE), Rose Eken, Eske Kath, Anders Bonnesen, Guy Yanai (IRL), Andreas Schulenburg, Hesselholdt & Mejlvang, Tina Maria Nielsen, Christina Malbek, Michael Swaney (CAN), Kaspar Bonnén, Jesper Dalgaard, Sixe Paredes /Sixeart (ES), Julie Stavad, Ida Kvetny, Anke Feuchtenberger (DE), Lars Nørgård, Julie Nord

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Ten years have gone by since Charlotte Fogh Gallery started. On this occasion, the gallery present a group exhibition by 21 international artists. A ten-year anniversary is an excellent opportunity to create an exhibition that looks back at the decade and offers a review.

The exhibition Itch under the Skin highlights a selection of the many talented artists who have exhibited their work at this gallery through the years. The artists featured at this celebratory show have been chosen because they are representative of the gallery’s overall profile. Some artists have been featured regularly, some visit more rarely, and some have only been part of a few exhibitions. Regardless of how frequently they visit, however, they have all helped shape and define the gallery’s identity and direction. They form the gallery’s DNA.