Evolution Blues

Evolution Blues

Morten Schelde
27/05 2016 - 25/06 2016

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Charlotte Fogh Gallery is delighted to present Morten Schelde’s first solo exhibition at the gallery, Evolution Blues. The exhibition shows new drawings, which are all produced within the last year, and based on the artist’s interest in science. The motifs are inspired by the history of science, books about discoveries and explorers, star atlas, spiritualism and found photographs – material he collects, and catalyzes the forms and motifs that binds the exhibition together.

The exhibition title Evolution Blues, is linking the evolutionary process and the artistic process together in a quest for a kind of artistic nature. The relationship is reflected in a melancholic longing for something different, what gives meaning to our lives, something seemingly unattainable, based on the idea that we can get back to the untouched nature, in a sort of nucleus or DNA.

In the exhibition Schelde examines the nature of art through the languages of drawing to find a corresponding core or ‘proto-language’. The drawings reflect this archaeological exploration, both in design, methods, color and shape, so different parts can be identified and experienced separately in a dissolved universe.

This experimentation with drawing as a language varies from the concrete to the surreal, added elements of automatic drawing. Faculty achievements are mixed and combined with art history pioneers in a hybrid constellation: Darwin meets Dali and Matisse in the Space Odyssey 2001.

In this new series of drawings, Schelde looks both into the past and the future by raising the questions: What is nature? What ideas underlie our perception of nature, and what type of habitat and diversity do we want in the future? Questions which are fundamental in the current social debate as to our understanding of ourselves as human beings in the world.