Erró  |  Works by Erró
April 1 – April 22

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Erró was born in Olafsvik in Iceland and stands as one of the leading figures in narrative figuration and as an ancestor of the collage. Erró has an impressive oeuvre and is a graduate of the Art School in Reykjavík, the Art Academy in Oslo and the Art Academy in Florence. During the 1950s, Erró traveled around much of the world and in 1958 he moved to Paris, where he became part of the Surrealists. Up through the 1960s, he helped develop a large international artistic movement inspired by American pop art and the imagery of popular culture, comics but also advertising and film, but the focal point for Erró was the collage. This artistic movement confronted any kind of authority and reshaped and dissolved the imagery with playful and humorous references but also with a sharp political and artistic content.

In his constant collecting of image material from all over the world, Erró picks up excerpts from newspapers, weekly magazines, magazines, brochures, posters, postcards, advertisements and, not least, comics. This enormous image archive is the raw material and source of inspiration, which is the basis for the collages, which are later transferred to canvas and aguagravure prints, and which you can experience at the exhibition. In Erró’s meticulously executed and very brightly colored works, cowboy heroes, Disney and other cartoon characters are combined in this way with political world leaders and art historical paraphrases.

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