Julie Nord
Beautiful Creatures
April 28 – June 3
Opening: April 28, 5:00-7:00 PM

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Charlotte Fogh Gallery is delighted to present the exhibition, “Beautiful Creatures” by Julie Nord. The exhibition is the artist’s 2nd solo exhibition in the gallery and consists of a series of 24 watercolors and ink drawings in various formats.


The works depict a number of mythical creatures; female or bisexual hybrids between humans, animals and plants that unfold in different scenarios.


About the exhibition Julie Nord says:


“I have worked from the notion of a post-apocalyptic future where flora, fauna and gender have flowed together into new forms of life. We are not talking about misfits, but about adaptable creatures that have grown out of the ruins after a collapse of the world as we know it today.


At the same time, I also see the creatures as images of the mind, where the view of the normative and harmonious changes and takes on new constellations.


I have been inspired by old scientific illustrations, copper engravings and frescoes depicting mythological creatures from the Renaissance and the Middle Ages, images of mythical animals in fairy tales and folklore, as well as more contemporary fantasy and new age aesthetics.

I have worked with hybrid creatures for a long time, but here I have let them be the center of most of the exhibition. In the works where there are no outright hybrid creatures, there is some kind of transformation going on.”


Julie Nord is known for her characteristic imagery, which many today associate with certain visual themes with a special content. Her pictures are bursting with surreal stories which derive their substance from among other; the world of art history, fiction, philosophy, psychology and Art Brut – outsider art, just to name a few obvious sources for her art.

These references are filtered by Julie Nord through a contemporary filter. It is just as relevant to talk about the aforementioned references as the foundation of Julie Nord’s work, as it is to talk about comics, horror films, children’s book illustrations and the otherwise very real reality that her work springs from and reflects in its own unique way.

She has created her personal graphic imagery, with which she describes the world around her. And this world is expanding all the time.