Nattens Gletcher

Nattens Gletcher

23/03 2018 - 21/04 2018



The Glacier of the Night


Solo exhibition by Jasper Sebastian Stürup 23/3 – 21/4 2018


Opening: Friday, 23rd. 5-7 pm


Charlotte Fogh Gallery is pleased to present Jasper Sebastian Stürup’s solo exhibition, “The Glacier of the Night”. Stürup has previously primarily worked with drawing in his work, and this is the first exhibition where Stürup really lets his characteristic and detailed line meet the painting. “The Glacier of the Night” exhibits new paintings on a large and smaller scale, that enlarge the scale while zooming in on the detail.


Jasper Sebastian Stürup’s works have seduction as the focal point. The immediately sensual is activated by the sensual selection of material like pink satin, shining and soft to the eye, lures us into his drawn and picturesque universe. Contrary to the earlier drawings, where there is a complex figuration with a myriad of people and objects, the new paintings are more simplified in the motifs. The motifs of the works can be seen as a kind of emotional accumulation of references to humans and the human sculpture throughout history. Inspired by his surroundings as well as a from other artists, musicians and poets, performance art-ists and renaissance sculptures to African masks and totem poles, Stürup’s works functions as sculptural statements that identify the poetic in human actions, artistic statements and communication.


The exhibition’s title, “The Glacier of Night”, is a loan from City Slang, which is one of Jasper Sebastian Stürup’s favourite records: “Thomsen stands tall and sharp as an ice pick, HUG dances close to Bowie – it doesn’t get much better. It has settled under my skin and lived there ever since I first heard it in 1987. A sound of my city. My glacier is probably not Thomsen’s glacier. Shiny pink it lies somewhere in-between the sculpture and the body, gliding through the night. But perhaps the exhibition should have been named after the painting, “The Beginning Of A New Adventure,” as that is exactly what’s going on right now. “


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