Lene Desmentik: Interspaces


See art works from the exhibition

20th of August – 2th of October 2021

Opening Friday 20th of August from 4-7 pm

Charlotte Fogh Gallery is delighted to present Lene Desmentik’s exhibition, “Interspaces”, which is the artist’s second solo exhibition in the gallery. The exhibition shows new works, which is built in Lego bricks, steel and ceramics, and which plays with the classic sculpture concepts in an interaction with the gallery’s space and surroundings.
Throughout Lene Desmentik’s art, the wall stands as a basic motif. In the exhibition, the wall appears as a container, membrane or a filter between two spaces. In all the works of the exhibition, whether it is sculptures, pots, embroidered woodcuts and drawings, a hole or cavity is included as a continuous element that has reference to the penetration of walls; an opening in or a window out from which we can view the world.
The exhibition’s works are generally about time, space and the intermediate moment. A kind of image of an intermediate time, like the time we are in now, where we are waiting for a new time.