Pernille Pontoppidan Pedersen, Kasper Bonnén, Ivan Andersen, Jette Gejl and Søren Assenholt

9 February – 27 March 2024

Opening: Friday 9 February at 5.00 – 7.00 pm

The narrative of the surface is in focus, when Charlotte Fogh Gallery presents this year’s first group exhibition “Surface Narratives”. The exhibition shows new works by five prominent Danish artists, each of whom explores the materiality of the surface in their works. In the form of painting, relief and sculpture, the artists unfold the surface as a narrative, often through concrete work with materials in unusual and surprising combinations.

Kasper Bonnén explores painting as a medium and its spaciousness on different levels. Through the material, where he incorporates waste and traces of everyday life on the canvas, the space and surface of the painting is extended to the physical surroundings.

Ivan Andersen’s paintings immediately appear as abstract landscape paintings. On closer inspection, the surface of the works dissolves into different materials such as fabric, wood, yarn, paper and other subjects, which together form a form of abstract collage painting.

In Pernille Pontoppidan Pedersen’s ceramic sculptures, she examines materiality through form, color and the processing of the surface. The sculptures’ various glaze techniques and textures help to emphasize the organic forms, which bring to mind reproduction and the cycle of life.

Jette Gejl uses intarsia in her works, which is the term for an old technique for mosaics of small pieces of wood of different colors inlaid into a surface. Intarsia means to insert. In Gejl’s series of intarsia reliefs, she achieves a modern expression by inserting paintings and everyday objects. She is particularly interested in the materiality of the classic beige Rösti design, which thus takes on a new meaning.

Søren Assenholt’s works consist of painted wood carvings, which lie between relief, sculpture and painting. The surfaces of the wooden works are cut and crudely carved with traces of the process, and with dripping paint they appear as an abstract statement that both bursts its own frames, the frames of the media and spreads out onto the surface of the gallerywall.

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