Opening: Saturday, January 11, 2020 – 2:00-4:00 pm


Charlotte Fogh Gallery is proud to present the first exhibition of 2020 featuring Eske Kath called “Landscape”. The exhibition shows new paintings by the artist which center around a new philosophical approach to the landscape painting.

In the landscapes created by Eske Kath the law of gravity is repealed and the horizon line twists around powerful suns. Night and day and what we believe to be up and down become intertwined in an organic but accurately composed universe of color.

Humanity’s place in nature and our understanding of what landscape is has changes radically in the Anthropocene era. From being a place for the classic landscape painter to bring his easel and paint his local environment the present landscape must be understood in a global and intellectual context. Various events and conditions close to us and far away on the other side of the planet are inextricably connected and the future for our local landscape are intertwined with the global landscape.

Eske Kath sets a new agenda for the landscape painting and thereby processing the fundamental uncertainty of life in the dystopic but hopeful landscapes. These landscapes combine the contrasts between the static, colorful, and meticulously composed painting with the severe physical changes of the world and how we perceive it. This visualization of an abstract universe is instinctively still perceived as a landscape by humanity. Art has the power to process the greater questions in life we ask ourselves in the chaotic world we are living in and will continue to be abstract reflections or become answers to unanswerable questions.


The exhibition is open from January 11 until February 15 2020.