Birgit Bjerre


Birgit Bjerre (1970) lives and works in Aarhus. She has studied at the Danish Art Academy Aarhus. She has taken part in several curated exhibitions, and has had six solo exhibitions to this day. Furthermore, she is part of the artist driven collaboration and workspace KH7 Aarhus harbour.

Birgit Bjerre primarily works with painting and drawing on paper and canvas. She switches between great precision and sweeping strokes, allowing for every action with the materials to be visible. The colour and the reality of the “matter” has its own existence, and does not necessarily need any explanation. She works with a kind of fatalism in the way she handles coincidence and control. The artwork is both sensitive and raw, and she challenges both her own and the viewers’ need for motif or narrative in the painting or drawing. The most important question for her is how much or how little is needed in order to fulfill the mind and eye.

Installation view of BEYOND – Anniversary exhibition (2021) featuring new works by Birgit Bjerre