Austin Eddy (US) - Matt Phillips (US) - Benjamin Edmiston (US)
23/09 2016 - 22/10 2016

Opening Friday. 23 November at. 17-19


Download list of works – Hungry for coulor

Charlotte Fogh Gallery is delighted to present three younger American artists; Austin Eddy, Benjamin Edmiston and Matt Philips for the first time in Aarhus. The artists all come from Brooklyn in New York and are representatives of the abstract colourist wave flowing through American contemporary art, which  also has cherished the Danish art. The exhibition shows new paintings and drawings by the three artists.

With roots in the famous “New York School” which is characterized by such diverse artists Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman, Jackson Pollock and Ad Reinhardt and inspired by both the color-field painting as abstract expressionism, the artists have in the recent years distinguished themselves both in the US and Europe with brightly colored and formally composed paintings.

Austin Eddy’s paintings are abstract compositions of colorful, curved shapes that often look like landscapes or portraits of women which exceeds the line between figuration and abstraction. It is monochrome works with single color surfaces, which consists of a mixture of oil pastel, cardboard, spray paint, and newsprint. They are often described as Picassoesgue with their flattened and broken forms, reaching back to the 20th century cubism.

The starting point for Benjamin Edmistons paintings are his collages and drawings that are constructed of a mixture of found materials, new – and recycled paper. Collage patterns, faded colors, lines and collage fragments are transferred into the paintings, so that the random and traces of human waste are put up against a formal logic.

Matt Phillips paintings consist of abstract color surfaces built in prism shapes whose surfaces reminiscent of handmade quilt, but is painted with grated color pigment. Phillips works emphasizes like Austin Eddy our urge to transform abstract lines in recognizable objects and shapes. All three artists are fascinated by the challenge of communicating organic – to convey the real world through a limited formal language.

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