Tina Maria Nielsen (b. 1964) graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1999. She has had several group and solo exhibitions at the national and international art scene. In 2007 Danish Arts Foundation present her the three year work grant. Furthermore, she is one of the co-founders of the exhibition space Skulpturi which won the critics prize 2012.


Tina Maria Nielsen works with sculpture and installation where 1:1 objects from the everyday life are cast into new materials such as bronze, cement, wax and rubber. The objects are removed from their normal usability and are relocated to a much more fluid state between image and process. The works are not only strict and plain interpretations of the world, but the sensuous and tactile elements result that subconscious factors and bodily perception enter into the conversation as well.

Installation view of the group show Burnt out Umbrella (2020)

Fragments of ancient Poetry2017

(Vertebra from Fin Whale)


Edition of 3

54 x 88 x 80 cm

Fragments of ancient Poetry2017

(Palate bone from Sperm Whale)


Edition of 3

23,5 x 237 x 20 cm