Sculpture is a focal point for Julie Stavad. The artist creates shapes that are deeply connected to the materials in which she uses. Stavad works in a wide spectrum of materials such as steel, concrete, clay, paper, but also the written word. The artist takes inspiration from a phenomenological world view. according to the French phenomenological philosopher Merleau-Ponty phenomenology is a science that derives from the human body’s connection to the outside world and its impact thereon. The idea of the body making a physical and immanent mark is present in Julie Stavad’s process of constructing her sculptural works. Her works often mimics everyday objects or fragments of the human body. When working in steel Stavad uses different techniques to manipulate the shape and surface of the steel. The steel sculptures and wall pieces by Stavad shift between seeming concave or convex sometimes pierced by a separate type of steel. This intermezzo between the same material being transformed or manipulated into various sizes, shapes and surfaces is common in Stavad’s steel pieces. The steel in the hands of Stavad often seems organic or flexible resembling draped garments. The manipulation of materials is done with a deep respect for the origin of the material which is consistent in the works by Julie Stavad.


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Installation view of Sculpture to Sculpture – a group show at Rundetaarn featuring new works by Julie Stavad (2021)

Installation view of BIG SHADES – a group show by Julie Stavad & Holger Højbjerg (2019). Photos: David Stjernholm