Holger Højbjerg is educated at Jutland Academy of Fine Arts (2018) and works with painting on canvas of various materials. Højbjerg works through symbols and references associated with our contemporary image production, from which he creates new motifs. Højbjerg explores how meaning is created in painting by creating a tension in his works between our traditional interpretation of the images and the way we experience today’s everyday life and the flow of signs and symbols.

With reference to 20th century art history and the Western painting tradition, Holger Højbjerg blends classic motifs such as still life and floral tableaux, baroque angels, abstract forms, and expressionist brushstrokes with trivial everyday motifs. The works are done in various painting techniques, spray paint and collage, which both explore the way in which one can technically work with a painting and extend the traditional tools of painting.


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Installation view of BIG SHADES – a group show by Julie Stavad & Holger Højbjerg (2019). Photos: David Stjernholm