Rose Eken

Rose Eken (1976) is educated from Edinburgh College of Art in Skotland and the Royal College of Art in London, 2003. Since then she has exhibited at both galleries and museums – latest at Kunsthallen Brandts and Horsens Art Mueum in Denmark and at Kiasma, Museum of Contemporary Art in Finland.


Rose Eken’s work has many outlets and includes ceramic sculpture, embroidery, miniature, drawing and video installation. Eken’s universe especially embraces the fan culture and traces from artistic creation which are visualized from the artist’s point of view. The things that e.g. rock musicians left behind: instruments, beer cans, cigarette ends and set lists are in focus and are given a feminine touch in materials like silk embroidery and the frail ceramic. But also traces from her artists collegues or the art world in general are subjects for the works of Rose Eken

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